Although German is my mother tongue, I’ve been writing in English for many years. In 2011 I started translating my novels from English into German. With the third book in the Adventure Trek series, I switched to writing in German.

For customers, I’ve translated Peter Bernhardt’s spy novel The Stasi File into German.

Taking on the challenge of translating from German into English, I started with Jutta Wölk’s Mrs. Commingdale 1 – Rache macht süchtig, in English Mrs. Commingdale 1 – Revenge Is Addictive.

Then I translated Kathrin Brückmann’s short thriller 2:17: Augen in der Dunkelheit from German into English.

In 2014, I felt brave enough to tackle the major challenge of translating Kathrin Brückmann’s historical mystery Verborgener Tod into English with the title Apprenticed to Anubis. Set in ancient Egypt, this book sure made me stretch to my limits, but I enjoyed every moment. Okay, one time I felt a little nauseous. Part of the book is set in the embalming hall weryt, after all. ;-) Then of course, there was the second novel In Maat’s Service to translate available under the title Shadows of the Damned. Check out the series at In Maat’s Service.

In case you’re looking for a translator, please use the contact form and I’ll get in touch with you. Prices depend on volume and the kind of text. On average, I charge €20 per page (1800 characters including spaces).

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