Strays of Rio Released

Today, on the International Day of Peace, my thriller Strays of Rio is released by MuseitUp Publishing. Overnight the buy link on amazon already went live. I’m excited.

A few weeks ago, when I realized the significance of September 21, I cringed. Releasing a thriller on Peace Day? Uneasy, I pulled up the UN website. The first lines I read were the quote of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon:

“I urge everyone, between now and 21 September, to think about how they can contribute. Let us work together to ensure that the Road from Rio leads us to sustainable development, sustainable peace… and a secure future for all.”

Strays of Rio Cover

The Secretary-General’s mention of Rio felt encouraging. I’d read about the Rio+20 Conference, but my interest quickly turned to the demonstrations surrounding the conference. Favela residents were evicted from their homes in “clean-up” activities to prepare for the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games and protested on the streets of Rio. The conference dealt with sustainable development and responsible management of natural resources while I focused on the people losing the homes they’d built with the limited resources available to them.

Maybe this is the perfect day for Strays of Rio to be published. The war over drugs, corruption, abuse of power, and social injustice form the backdrop for Lisa’s fight to protect a gang of street kids and herself — with the help of a drug lord under attack as the police declare war on trafficking.

International Day of Peace

Strays of Rio explores whether the cycle of violence can be broken. Several attempts at cease-fire fail for various reasons, fervor for justice and relentless pugnacity ranging high among them. There is hope though. A seed of peace might grow in the post-conflict world of my novel.

May the International Day of Peace cause cease-fires all over the world and foster sustainable peace.

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