Crumple Zone available for pre-order

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I’m getting excited. Only three weeks until the release of my psychological suspense Crumple Zone set in Chile. Check out the book at MuseItUp Publishing, where you can read an excerpt.

When Chilean trucker Enrique bumps into jobless workaholic Lara, he thwarts her flight from life and his escape from reality.

Back Cover

Lara, a workaholic from Seattle, loses her job, drowns her frustrations in scotch, and books a trip to Chile. Instead of facing her messed up life, she escapes to South America and hooks up with a backpacker, whose bag of tricks conveniently distracts her.

Hauling freight along the same route, trucker Enrique battles the loneliness of the Atacama Desert, imagining his wife by his side. If only she’d stop urging him to come home. With growing unease, he sets off on the return trip. When his path crosses Lara’s, the impact knocks them both off their errant tracks to face unpleasant realities.

Cover for Crumple Zone

This post is also available in: deGerman

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