In Maat’s Service

Kathrin Brückmann’s Apprenticed to Anubis, the first book in the mystery series In Maat’s Service, set in ancient Egypt, is now available as ebook in all Amazon stores and the paperback pretty much everywhere, e.g. at Barnes & Noble. (Didn’t want to always direct potential readers to Amazon though it’s a bit lame that B&N can’t afford Umlauts or the book blurb. Oh well, it’s a tough business.)

Since our editor got the job done much earlier, we were able to release the book earlier. I guess that speaks for the quality of my translation. 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about the book, the characters, the setting and this strange but fascinating culture, check out the homepage of the series. A millentia-old embalmer with the honorable name Kheper (=dung beetle or scarab) is mostly running the blog. So don’t be too surprised. He entertains some weird notions and doesn’t treat his “little helpers”, i.e. Kathrin and myself, with much respect.

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