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Adventure Trek 1: Caution:Slippery

Caution: Slippery is an action adventure with a pinch of road-movie, a twisted love story and a straight one, a homeopathic dosage of cute children and lots of girl power–not always put to the best use. Not to mention the psychotic hero who isn’t really an Apache.

Adventure Trek I

Karo Schenkenberg runs her own company with a firm hand, too firm according to her employees. For her birthday, they present their formidable boss with a team building adventure trek. Too proud to turn down the challenge, Karo heads for the mountains.

Martin Sander leads the adventure treks and loves to play master and commander of arrogant city slickers. When he locks horns with Karo, he enjoys her prickliness and anticipates the best tour ever. Little does he know the reluctant soon-to-be-ex-husband of his new girlfriend Jo has signed up for the hike as well. Hans is an Afghanistan veteran struggling to get a grip on his crumbling life. First step: get Jo back.

Adventure Trek 2: Caution: Wet

In the sequel Caution: Wet, Martin and Karo’s paths cross again during a stormy January night. Could the tour guide sprung from her nightmares really be the solution to Karo’s problems?

After she insulted her biggest customer, Karo’s company is in trouble. With no money to squander, she’d still love to send her widowed brother-in-law and his new bride on a fairy tale honeymoon. When a storm blows Martin Sander back into Karo’s life, his unexpected inheritance from unknown sources allows them to lure the newlyweds to his finca on Tenerife at low cost. At the same time, a bunch of Senegalese refugees head for the Canary Islands.
Karo’s attempt at playing fairy godmother works like a charm until another storm moves in, blowing the refugees off course and endangering the lovers. Can a trip organized by the infamous tour guide ever go right?

Adventure Trek 2

Filled with chaos, drama, tension and banter, Caution: Wet stands alone but builds on the lively characters of the first book in the Adventure Trek series.

This post is also available in: deGerman

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