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Ready for more?

Hangman of Nuremberg Vol 3 is available in print and the ebook set up for pre-order, releasing on August 13, 2017: Meister Frantz and the Curse of the Blood Rubies Free imperial city of Nuremberg 1582: Meister Frantz is called to a case of rape, not as executioner, however, but as a discreet healer—a situation [...]

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Meister Frantz and the Devil’s Nightshade

Volume 2 of the Hangman of Nuremberg Series is now available in English. What’s it about? Free imperial city of Nuremberg 1581: Meister Frantz never meant to get involved in an ongoing investigation again. But who’d be better qualified to tell whether Anna Presiglin really hanged herself than the hangman of Nuremberg? Just in time [...]

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Meister Frantz is on the hunt again!

I’ve just released the sequel to “Meister Frantz: A Match Made in Jail” in German. Be patient, this winter I’ll dedicate my time to the translation of this one and the third book “In Maat’s Service“.

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Meister Frantz: A Match Made in Jail

I’ve really been productive this winter. After translating Shadows of the Damned, I continued with my own historical murder mystery set in 16th century Nuremberg: Meister Frantz: A Match Made in Jail — Hangman of Nuremberg Vol. 1. Can’t wait to continue with this series. Executioner Meister Frantz was a fascinating person and now becomes [...]

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Shadows of the Damned released

Lo and behold, book 2 in Maat’s Service has is available in English now, translated by yours truly: Shadows of the Damned: Hori and Nakhtmin have barely adjusted to their new duties as the pharaoh’s palace physicians when Hori is summoned to the secret embalming compound. A heart has been found there, which doesn’t belong [...]

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Catching up

Boy, I can’t believe how much I’ve neglected my website and shouting out to folks about new releases. While others get ready for the A-Z blogging challenge in April (one post a day), I should start my own challenge: one post a month. I hang my head and apologize before I start catching up. But [...]

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In Maat’s Service

Kathrin Brückmann’s Apprenticed to Anubis, the first book in the mystery series In Maat’s Service, set in ancient Egypt, is now available as ebook in all Amazon stores and the paperback pretty much everywhere, e.g. at Barnes & Noble. (Didn’t want to always direct potential readers to Amazon though it’s a bit lame that B&N [...]

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Apprenticed to Anubis available for pre-order

While I was sleeping, my English translation of the historical murder mystery Verborgener Tod by Kathrin Brückmann became available for pre-order. This fantastic book, set in ancient Egypt, will be released on September 17 under the title Apprenticed to Anubis. Here’s the blurb: Ancient Egypt: Hori and his fellow students celebrate their graduation from medical [...]

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A Stay at the Adventure-Hotel

Not sure why I never bragged about my little short story Adventure Hotel, likely because it’s autobiographic. Still, can’t hide it any longer. The English edition has been available for almost two months now. It’s a dramatic little story with torture chambers, mystery and plenty of humor. Would I have booked a stay at the [...]

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Strays of Rio on sale

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