Edith Parzefall

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I studied literature and linguistics in Germany and the United States. After graduating with a PhD, I worked as a technical writer and editor. Drawn to a more challenging career and increased opportunities for traveling, I moved on to people management at a global IT company. Now a full-time writer and editor, I strive to combine my two passions: writing and traveling.

I’m supporting a street kids project in Recife, Brazil. When I visited Grupo Ruas e Pracas, I took part in a music and crafts workshop with the children. During my stay in Rio de Janeiro, STRAYS OF RIO, a social thriller set in this city of contrasts, took shape. During my extensive research on street kids, drug trafficking, social and political issues, I received advice from the chairman of the German organization RUA e.V., supporting street children in Brazil.

In 2008 I traveled through Chile, supposedly the safest country in South America. Stopped at a red light in our rented SUV, me and my partner were sandwiched between two trucks on the Pan-American highway. An unplanned excursion to the local hospital and the Carabineros de Chile allowed me insights I never meant to gain but wouldn’t want to miss. A new story idea sparked: Crumple Zone.

In 2009, while driving home on the Autobahn from a hike in the Alps, the idea for the Adventure Trek series developed in my bored mind. A road bully and tour guide from hell up against a tough manager and control freak. Early in 2011 I visited Tenerife with the sequel in mind.

From 2009 to 2012, I also co-authored the Higher Ground series with Francene Stanley. Four books of a post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure written and polished in less than four years. Wow, I’m still amazed.

Two flash fiction pieces, “The Earth” and “Euphoria” have been published at Camroc Press Review.

In 2012 I simply had to start translating my English novels into German and then got stuck with my native tongue for a while and wrote new books in German. So I had to translate in the other direction, my own books and other people’s, most prominently Kathrin Brückmann‘s murder mysteries set in Ancient Egypt.

Now my own historical murder mysteries are also available in English: Hangman of Nuremberg, set in 16th century Germany, far closer in time than ancient Egypt, but sometimes just as strange.

This post is also available in: deGerman